Best Gifts For Soon To Be Lawyers?

Get a set of these. They are my favorite legal text books and I have been using them for years now. You can read about them here, but basically they tell you how the law works in your state. When you become a lawyer, it is important to know what happens behind the scenes at all levels of the court system – from traffic tickets, to misdemeanors and felonies, which judges handle those cases? How does that information help us as attorneys make decisions on how best to defend our clients? And more importantly…how do we change things through advocacy if needed? These books will give you an understanding of everything involved with the justice system so you don’t get lost trying to learn on your own during your first year out of law school (or even sooner). Hopefully these will also help guide other first-years toward different educational paths than ours since there are many options available after getting your JD degree!

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