Best Gifts For New Lawyers 2018?

I’ve been a lawyer for over 10 years. I have purchased numerous gifts and gadgets to help me with my job as a legal assistant, but none of them worked nearly as well as these dongles from Lovehoney! The first dongle was the USB drive which is very durable and extremely good quality. It has proven itself to be reliable time after time, even after being dropped multiple times on hard surfaces and falling into water at least once! I also love that there are four different designs – each one is unique and fun in its own way. The second dongle I purchased was the mini speaker which came in all black or white – it looks fantastic either way! It doesn’t get too hot either so you can use it alongside your phone or laptop. These two items were both top-of-the-line sellers when they first debuted, so now they are still really popular because people keep coming back for more! They sell out quickly though so if you don’t see any options available online, try checking local stores like Bed Bath & Beyond instead:)

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