Best Gifts For Lawyers?

I have a friend whose husband is a lawyer. She tells me, “I can’t believe all the presents he got for being so hard to shop for! He didn’t get anything from you or my side of the family, but I did get something from him that I really wanted—a set of golf clubs. He said they were on sale, and it was cheaper than buying them closer to our visit. But he would never buy them himself because they were too expensive!”


The worst gifts for lawyers?

A couple asked me what might be good gifts for their newlywed son who was going out of town with his wife and three children. They had been married only five days when the big trip occurred, and everyone knew what it meant: they were moving into the guest bedroom in order to save money while keeping up appearances in front of friends and business associates. As soon as we finished discussing that situation (which included some discussion about divorce), they asked about my opinion on giving her father-in-law something nice when she invited him along on this trip. My heart sank right there; I thought about how sad my mom would be if I came back empty handed after trying so hard to please my in-laws by treating them well during visits home over holidays and special occasions like birthdays or anniversary celebrations at restaurants or other places outside their house where getting food was always such an ordeal! And then there was Christmas

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