Best Gifts For Lawyers 2016?

My best friend is a lawyer and I went to pick up her gifts for Christmas. She has the most amazing personality, but she always gets rid of everything that’s meaningful because it reminds her of people or things that are bad in her past. So when I saw what she was wearing, I literally had this vision where she was standing in front of me with tears streaming down her face saying “I can’t believe you gave me all these odd pieces! Why did you give me these horrible candlesticks?! And why did you buy me so much ugly jewelry?! You know how much they hurt my feelings!!! It makes ME feel like an old lady!! Don’t ever do that again! If only there were more pieces in your vast collection… Oh wait, you don’t have any pieces at all? That just goes to show how great your taste is… ”

So when I got home (which took FOREVER because she lives on one foot), I immediately Googled “What to get a lawyer as their birthday gift without breaking the bank/getting them mad at me?”. After much deliberation (and even some serious soul searching) here are 4 presents that actually made sense:

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