Best Gifts For Aspiring Lawyers?

I have a friend who is a lawyer, she’s very accomplished. She has been hired by BigLaw for the past ten years and I asked her what her favorite gifts were from law school. There was one that stands out in my mind as being really helpful to her: it was a Bible verse journal. We actually make those now at A Beautiful Mess, but we call them Thinker Journals instead of Bible Verse Journal because obviously people use different verses for different things. But the beauty about this particular Bible verse journal was that she would pick a random page from Scripture that spoke to how she felt or what was going on in her life at any given time and then write down anything else related to that day—a scripture quote, an observation about something around me—anything related to whatever had gone on with God through His Word during the day. That was very helpful as far as staying grounded in God’s presence throughout your days so you can be present for Him when He needs you most later on when you might not have quite remembered everything yet! When I think back on all of our wedding planning sessions together over the last decade-plus, there are only two specific moments where I heard from Jessica “Oh my gosh! You remember?!? That happened today!!” And if that isn’t proof positive of why these journals are important…well then I don’t know what is!

How did A Beautiful Mess come into existence? Was it just an

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