Best Gift Books For Lawyers?

I got this book in the mail yesterday, and have already read it cover-to-cover. It’s an easygoing memoir that I found myself turning to more than once during my 15 hour trip home from Chicago (aka “Death Valley”). You know what they say; get out of the office, get off your ass, drink some wine & eat some chocolate & stop procrastinating on something you should do!

What did you like/dislike about the book? What was your favorite part? Your least favorite part? I liked how he used humor throughout; even though his story is very serious at times, it never feels too heavy. Also, I really enjoyed learning about his family life growing up – he has a great relationship with both parents despite their divorce when he was young. He also shares tidbits of info that not only made me laugh but also gave me insights into lawyers in general which is always helpful for someone who works in legal research!

Who would benefit most from reading this book? Lawyers or law students who want to become better communicators or improve their writing skills while having fun with anecdotes shared by one of today’s leading trial lawyers. This book would be especially beneficial for people new to profession because it encourages readers to take ownership over their careers – no matter what field you’re entering into.

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