Best Gadgets For Lawyers?

The Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s the best smartphone available right now, and it comes with lots of great features to make every lawyer’s life easier, like its infrared port for scanning documents (so you can get them digitally instead of printing them), or the fingerprint scanner that allows you to unlock your phone quickly. Plus it has a really sleek design if you want to impress clients at court.

Do I need a new laptop?

If you don’t have an ultrabook yet, this is one time where saving money is not worth it — but then again, there are plenty of other good laptops out there that would work well for lawyers too! With newer processors and bigger hard drives coming out on laptops almost every year these days, they’re getting more powerful each year — so even though they do cost more up front when buying a new one in 2014 or 2015 will be cheaper than in previous years. Another good thing about using a Macbook Air as opposed to Windows 8: If something goes wrong with your computer in the future Apple takes care of all repairs free-of-charge while Microsoft will charge $100-$150 per incident if anything ever goes wrong with their PCs. For lawyers who travel frequently between states and countries I also recommend checking out Chromebooks which run Chrome OS – Google’s lightweight browser software rather than Windows/Mac OS X operating systems – because you won’t have any issues updating software or installing apps from websites not officially supported by

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