Best Freelance Websites For Lawyers?

There are several different ways to make money when you’re a freelance writer. You can write articles for magazines, blogs, or any other kind of website. You may also get paid to create content for websites that have their own ecommerce store where you will sell products related to your expertise. Or maybe you’ll learn more about how businesses run and turn it into a business of your own on the side.

But if all you want is passive income or just need some extra cash then there are plenty of sites that provide opportunities without requiring too much work from you. For example, Demand Media has an entire network of websites dedicated solely to providing writing jobs with little effort required at all! They offer pay rates ranging from $0-$50 depending on whether or not they feel like reading the article in question (most projects don’t even require this). If they do read it though, many writers earn between $5-15 per article while others earn upwards of $40-60! It’s hard to say exactly what each piece earns since most are simply rehashed content but overall these sites consistently pay people well enough that anyone can keep up with them easily even on a part time basis.

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