Best Free Customer Management Software For Lawyers?

I ask because I’ve been reading about the legal profession. The industry is dying, and it needs to be saved. According to Forbes Magazine, more than half of the practicing lawyers in America are over 50 years of age. If this trend continues, there will soon be no one left who can practice law.

But I’m getting ahead of myself… Here are some numbers from Oxford Economics that show how important lawyers really are: In 2010 alone, almost 60 million cases were settled on contingency fees (i.e., on a “win-or-lose basis”). That means only 3 out of every 1 billion civil cases went to trial! And that was just for 2010! Imagine what would happen if the ratio stayed constant for all time? But let me digress… I can tell you exactly where most attorneys get their money: They charge anywhere from $100 -$200 an hour for their services. So if they work 250 hours per year at $150/hour x 5 years = $10,000 (my low end estimate), then they take home around $2 million each year . Now consider growth rates like those above – imagine if we doubled our rate or tripled it or quadrupled it? We could double or triple our revenue within 4 years! It sounds attractive; right? Right?! So why isn’t everyone doing this? How come you don’t hear about lawsuits filed by special interest groups against big corporate players like Facebook and

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