Best Free Cloud Storage For Lawyers?

What is the best free cloud storage for lawyers?

iCloud. This will be our base of operations here, as it is the only one that supports iOS 5 and above. For Android users, Google Drive offers some great features, but its limitations are no joke. Dropbox also has a feature specifically geared toward attorneys called “Dropbox for Law” (duh). Other than these three options, there really isn’t anything else to speak of; you’re better off using something like SugarSync or Microsoft’s SkyDrive if all you want is more space on your computer or laptop. As far as mobile devices go, there really isn’t much out there that’s good enough for anyone with clients who deal with sensitive information (lawyers excluded). And speaking of which…

The most secure way to store your files online is by encrypting them at their source – iDisk before saving them elsewhere! You can do this under File > Encrypt Files… in iTunes 12 (or higher) or Google Drive > Security Settings Menu > Advanced Security Settings > Encrypt files/folders before uploading to ensure that they are kept safe from prying eyes. If you have an old phone lying around somewhere use it instead of an IPad Mini 2G !!! They just forgot about us grandpa phones!! I am sure many would not know what iCloud means so here are some cool tutorials explaining how exactly it works !! There are specific steps you need to follow when setting

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