Best Form Of Advertising For Lawyers?

” The answer is “not right now,” but the nice thing about television ads is that they are good for our business in other ways.

I should mention an interesting outcome of my research on lawyers’ TV commercials. When I was working with a firm to make their commercials more effective, one of my concerns was how long it took to understand what the client needed from me and then get me into production. While everyone at the company agreed that this process could be improved, no one seemed willing to commit substantial time or money toward doing so.

I suggested that we try something new: writing several hundred thousand dollars worth of television commercial copy based on public opinion polls showing attributes such as trustworthiness and competence were important in choosing a lawyer (and not just any lawyer). This might take up some of our advertising budget without costing us much money—we would simply use existing media rather than paying for traditional print advertisements or billboards. To increase effectiveness we would write programs based on these polls—essentially making them available only to those who wanted them by using calls-to-action such as “Call if you want . . . ,” “Check out our ratings,” and so forth—and send them directly into local markets where potential clients lived; when people responded positively we made sure they received copies within two weeks via prepaid envelopes mailed by law firms all over America (or wherever else they happened to live). We would also embed these programs

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