Best Foreign Language To Learn For Lawyers?

a) French b) German c) Spanish d) Italian e) Russian 4. The most difficult language for beginners is which of the following?

a) Bahasa Indonesia b) Arabic c) Mandarin Chinese d-e: all are equally difficult 5. Which of the following languages does NOT make good reading material for high school students?

a-b: both are good languages to read in 6. What two languages do you need when traveling outside your home country? (Choose 2.) a-) English and Japanese b-) English, Japanese and Chinese c-) Japanese, Chinese and Russian 7. When learning a foreign language what should be your priority?

(Click on each option that best describes your priorities in learning a new language.) A-B C D E 8. If you want to learn another foreign language how much time would you spend studying it per week (on average)? less than 1 hour per day 1 – 3 hours per day more than 3 hours 9 . How many years have passed since you started taking courses in this course? Less than one year One or two years Three or four years More 10 . If there was no other way available to get fluent in another language, which method would you choose — an intensive course with native speakers/native partners / self study book(s)/ videos etc.? Intensive Course Book Self Study Native Speakers Videos 11 . Is there anything else that I haven’t asked about that might affect my ability to practice using this

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