Best Fonts For Lawyers?

In order to get more of a legal look, you should choose a font that is both classy and professional. Many lawyers use Helvetica Black for their documents, but it doesn’t really fit the bill when it comes to legalese. In fact, there are several other fonts that work better in this regard—are your clients ready to take on American Typewriter? If possible, don’t even try; change the typeface entirely. Moreover, this will increase readability by leaps and bounds.

You can also select different colors for each page of your document (in Word 2007 or newer versions). Colors like red make your writing easier to follow through color alone (without racking up eye strain), while blue makes things easier for readers over 60 years old who have problems distinguishing between black text on white background and dark gray text on light grey background due to poor vision (you may find yourself reading out loud just because your document looks so easy!). You can also set margins manually if you want them larger than default widths allow.

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