Best Florida Lawyers For Domestic Violence?

If you have been charged with a domestic violence crime in Florida, you need to get the best possible representation. At Graham & Associates we know that a conviction can result in long-term consequences for both your personal and professional life. Additionally, having a felony record will severely limit future employment opportunities and may even lead to deportation from Immigration authorities.

In order to minimize damage from any criminal charges against you, it is critical that you retain an aggressive advocate who understands your case and has experience working on cases involving domestic violence charges or related crimes. In addition to helping guide us through the legal process during the plea phase of your case, our attorneys at Graham & Associates also provide individualized service by offering consultation services free of charge while preserving all potential negotiations with prosecutors around sentencing recommendations. If necessary we will take action before trial begins in order to obtain favorable treatment or additional benefits under law for people accused or convicted of these offenses including:

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