Best Florida Cities For Lawyers?

In Florida, one of the first steps to becoming a lawyer is taking the bar exam. The test has been given in Miami-Dade County since 1971 and is administered two times a year: February and July. More than 350,000 people took it last July. In order to pass, applicants must score at least 70 percent on each section – reading comprehension (40 questions), essay writing (60 minutes) and multiple-choice questions about legal procedures or rules – with no more than two wrong answers allowed per question. Applicants also need an undergraduate degree from an ABA-accredited law school as well as 2 ½ years of experience working for a law firm or government agency after graduation from law school; they can take additional courses if they want but cannot apply those credits toward their required 3 1/2 years’ worth of work experience. Any applicant who fails the exam three times may not sit for another one without approval by his or her state’s Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission for Bar Examiners. Those who do meet all requirements are admitted to practice after paying $250 ($350 until Jan.) in dues that go into the Lawyer’s Fund for Client Protection fund established by then U.S District Judge William Rhenquist in 1980; this money will be used to reimburse clients helped by lawyers who helped them prepare for the bar exam financially lose time at school because they were unable t pay tuition fees toward their education . They’ll also have higher rates insurance rates likely hike up next

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