Best Field For Lawyers?

There is no question that the Supreme Court is currently one of the most important and prestigious law schools in America. It gets a lot of publicity, and it normally gives out more money than any other school. But what about all those other law schools? How do they compare with Harvard Law School? If you think the prestige rankings are an accurate measure for measuring quality as measured by employment rates, then look at how many students from each school get jobs after graduation:

Harvard Law School (7) Columbia University (3) New York University (6) Yale University (8) Stanford Law School – Farmington Hills Michigan – 3rd place – 2nd place – 1st place Duke University – Durham N.C.- 4th place- 3rd place– 5th Place Fordham University -New York City Area NY -5th Place- 9th Place Syracuse Univrsity NY -16 thplace- 29 thplace- 12 thplace Drexel Univrsity PA ­­ ­­ ­ 20 thplace Thomas Jefferson School of Law West Palm Beach Florida 31 stplacedh 38 thplacedh 36It does not matter which list you use to rank your top 10, there is only going to be one winner—unless you go way down on some lists because a bunch of really bad schools made it on your list! Since there are so few people applying to become lawyers compared to desirability for employment once employed as a lawyer, if a list ranks two or three schools

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