Best Family Practice Lawyers For Mom In Missouri?

I am looking for the best family practice lawyers in missouri. I need a lawyer to help me with some civil litigation issues and divorce matters. My ex-husband has been abusive, mentally and physically during our marriage. He has admitted that he is on medication for depression and anxiety at this time but will not take any meds while we are divorced. Is it possible to get custody of my daughter?

I am thinking about getting a divorce soon after 3 years of marriage because of constant fighting and verbal attacks by my husband who refuses to seek counseling or treatment for his anger towards me & our kids (he’s very jealous). I am worried about losing everything we have together; we’ve spent thousands of dollars on attorneys already, but they all tell us there is nothing else they can do since he won’t get help! What should i do?

We were married 23 years ago when I was 18 yrs old – I’m 35 now. We had 2 beautiful children together which ended up being twins (his first child out of wedlock), then another soon after, then later one more(my second) – in total 4 children in 10yrs…divorce wasnt an option due to religious reasons…then 9yrs later my ex wanted back into the picture so bad..i agreed until things couldn’t go on anymore with him being violent toward me & kids …we separated 7years ago w/him living 100% behind my back…….on top of all

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