Best Facebook Ad Typess For Lawyers?

There are three types of ads that you can run on your facebook page. They are the text ad, video ad and photo-video gallery. All of them have different targeting options so you need to choose what is best for your business. To know more about each type of ads click here:

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook? How much money will I get if I decide to use their services?

Facebook has a revenue model where they charge advertisers based on how many people see their advertisements and whether the clicks lead back to the advertiser’s website or not (referred as Cost Per Click). The higher number of views/clicks costs more than lower ones because Facebook wants its users to stay longer on its platform rather than visiting other websites which may be less appealing so by keeping users there long enough, it makes money from advertisers who pay for every minute people stay there. For example: If someone visits your webpage and then leave immediately without buying anything but instead goes directly back to Facebook then that person did not visit an advertiser’s website at all since there was no incentive for him/her do do this action; thus he/she did not contribute towards making any revenue for FB, hence his/her actions were useless in terms of helping FB make profit (cost per view = 0); however if he or she leaves after reading some information about a product using links provided by FB pages such as “this blog post includes affiliate

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