Best Entertainment Lawyers For Authors?

Legal advice is always best sought from an experienced lawyer. However, there are some very good ways to find legal help for authors online without having to contact a lawyer at all! The first thing you should do is Google “author” and the word “lawyer” or something similar. You will get several author-specific results using these words in your search query. Each of these sites may have some kind of forum where questions can be asked by other authors, but often they also provide information on how to retain an attorney if you need one—and this is probably the most important part!

What are rights management companies?

A rights management company manages any number of different kinds of intellectual property, including copyrights (the ownership over particular works) and trademarks (a symbol used on products so that people know it comes from a certain source). They can also manage digital media files such as eBooks or music tracks. Rights management companies typically charge fees for their services; their brand usually appears on logos attached to frequently requested materials, letting customers know they are getting quality service at a fair price. More often than not these services come with guarantees that allow them to recoup costs when copyright infringement does occur due to misuse or piracy by customers who would otherwise have been willing pay for access legally.


Where should I start marketing my book? What steps do I need to take before launching a campaign?

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