Best Employment Lawyers For Financinal Institutions New York?

“The right lawyer at the right time can help you avoid a catastrophic loss of benefits, salary or retirement accounts. The wrong lawyer at the wrong time can put your entire financial future in jeopardy.

My job is to connect people with lawyers who are ready, willing and able to protect their rights and possessions on every level. I do this by screening my clients for appropriate legal representation based on their circumstances (i.e., income; assets; number of beneficiaries; etc.), providing them with an objective assessment of all available options for protection, exploring each option thoroughly during meetings with the potential attorney(s) before making any determinations as to which lawyer(s) will best serve their needs, reviewing final paperwork contracts prior to signing them along with any applicable end-of-life planning documents that may be required by law or client preference (e.g., living wills), handling all pertinent communications including electronic correspondence related to custody matters or other issues relating directly or indirectly to litigation/litigation concerns .” – Richard Matson

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