Best Emailer For Lawyers?

>> i’m not sure about that. >> there are some things you can do to make it more attractive, but the lawyer market is so difficult right now. you’ve got a lot of people who don’t like lawyers and there’s no one thing they all like. >> what do you think? maybe if we looked harder on this, we could find out what the best emailer is for lawyers. >> let’s go ahead and try it then with something else here — or will that be too confusing? jennifer: okay, let’s try another one on our list of emails that attorneys really hate receiving. which ones would be most annoying to them? maryanne: did i mention how much i hate spam in my last email? [laughter] jennifer: yeah, i’ll probably remember every time someone sends me an unsolicited gift card by mail after reading your comment! maryanne: well…maybe everyone should just get used to getting gift cards by weird means because it might become part of their daily life someday soon anyway– especially since gift cards are becoming less popular than ever before these days anyway! jennifer & maryanne (speaking at once): why aren’t people asking for gift cards more often anymore?!!!??!!! “i love those gerber baby food packages….” [“Yes!”] [“No?”] oh wait…no one wants those either..[laughing again.] wow..looks like being a mommy has made me forget

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