Best Email Filtering For Lawyers?

Here are some tips for how to filter or screen your incoming email messages. You can choose any combination of these methods. The only thing you must do is create filters that will prevent the subjects of certain types of email from getting through your filters and into your inbox (i.e., if it’s an email message with attachments, make sure the subject line does not contain “attachment”).

Email Filters: Types of Email Messages That Can Get Through Your Filters Unfiltered Subjects containing legal terms like “lawyer,” “legal,” or even just plain old words like “email” may get through un-filtered because they are all familiar keywords used in business correspondence. Here are some tips on how to help prevent them from getting through your filters: move all incoming mail into a separate folder labeled Not For Me; blacklist specific addresses by searching Google Mail for common address patterns such as [username] ; automate filtering rules using software like Mailwasher Pro , which lets you set up automated responses based on sender/recipient information in new messages sent via Gmail; use senders who have already been filtered out by sending emails to yourself when you want someone else to know about something confidential but don’t want them reading it right away—for example when writing thank-you notes after seminars at conferences where everyone writes their own name on every card mailed back home; send encrypted emails

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