Best Email Client For Lawyers?

As a lawyer, I use and am pretty happy with it. But if you’re going to write long emails, Gmail is great, too. Email is just more fun when you can use cute emoticons or add pictures of your kids to keep the message from getting boring. And Microsoft Word has been fantastic for me on my Mac laptop because of all its features that have been added since the days when I had an old Compaq running Windows 3.11 on a 286 processor crammed into a tiny computer case with no floppy drive!

Do you still read books? What do they say about law-related subjects? Personally, I love reading history books and even legal periodicals like The Lawyer . When there aren’t any trial prep cases in front of me (for which I’ve written several book chapters), these are among my favorite things to read; but there are only so many hours in the day! My current favorites include:

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