Best Electronic Fax For Lawyers?

You may have checked out my review on this one, but I am still going to cover the ins and outs.

I purchased this unit for $29.95 off Amazon, so it’s not a bad deal at all. It is compatible with both PC and Mac. This is nice because if you are using your computer or laptop then you can just plug in your fax directly into an available USB port instead of having to purchase another adapter/cable combination that would be necessary for some other models on the market (the only exception being the Sprint FaxPro). The printing speed of this unit itself is very fast, faster than most models which means that if you need to send multiple pages quickly, then this model will do exactly what you want it to do without any fuss! Another benefit of purchasing from Amazon was that they shipped it almost immediately once I ordered it! Also there were no issues with compatibility problems or anything like that when connecting via USB cable either! If there are any issues arising after reading these reviews about “computer not recognizing my device” etc., please contact customer service directly through their website or by calling them directly before giving up on hardware altogether. They told me personally over the phone how easy they were to resolve any issues people might have had after reading online complaints about “my computer doesn’t recognize my device” etc.. So definitely try them first before throwing in the towel entirely!! And don’t forget they offer

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