Best Dui Lawyers Of Orange County For Disabled Veterans?

To my knowledge, there is no such program for veterans and disabled persons in California. However, the state has a special law that provides drivers license status to certain disabled people who receive home assistance from relatives or friends. The person providing assistance must be related to the applicant by blood or marriage and may only provide care every two weeks per year (so many dozens of hours per year). If both parties are eligible for this special license, they can apply together at one time with DMV. This process requires an application form and inspection of medical records, which means that you need a certified copy of your disability rating from Social Security Administration (SSA) before the DMV will give you permission to drive legally in CA if you qualify for this program under federal law. Otherwise, there is severe punishment: heavy fines and revocation of driver’s license privileges forever after conviction even if your disability rating improves over time; plus jail time ranging from 6 months up to 2 years depending on circumstance/crime etc., after which you would probably be required to pay additional fines upon release since court procedures often require payment upon sentencing… … x-disability More information about eligibility requirements & conditions can be found here: http://www2s.biglobe .ne t/ texas_vets_dui_lawyer /

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