Best Dui Lawyers For Denver County And Arapahoe County Colorado?

bennett law firm wiseman and mccann has been a leading criminal defense lawyers in denver, colorado since 1985. we have a reputation as a high-quality criminal defense firm that is known for its aggressive representation of those accused of crimes from the district attorney’s office. our experienced attorneys are committed to striving for justice on behalf of those who find themselves facing felony charges, whether they be first time offenders or repeat offenders with extensive prior records.

we handle all types of cases including: DUIs (dwi/DUI), possession/sale/manufacture marijuana, drug offenses (drug paraphernalia), sex offenses (child abuse), theft, assault & battery; burglary; robbery; arson; sexual assaults; domestic violence; what does it mean when your rights are taken away?

if you need an attorney contact us today at 303-477-4444

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