Best Dual Masters For Lawyers?

1. J.D./MBA – This combination is a match made in law school, as both programs lead to higher paying jobs after graduation and have been consistently ranked as the most valuable dual masters for lawyers by U.S News & World Report from 2000 to 2013. In addition, earning an MBA will help you advance your career faster than if pursuing only a J.D., as it offers you advanced skills and knowledge that can be applied across many different industries, giving you more options for job searches once you graduate from law school (see: Top 10 Best Graduate Business Schools).2. LLM – If an MBA doesn’t work out for you because of its time commitment or other factors like cost or location flexibility, then consider going abroad with an LLM program over two years long approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). During this intense coursework period, students study international business and legal issues such as human rights and corporate governance through independent research projects under the guidance of professors who deliver lectures at distance learning conferences held throughout North America twice each year so students can complete their online courses without ever leaving home base (see: How to Become An International Lawyer).3. Socratic JD/MA – A masters degree can really provide great value when it comes to continuing your education beyond law school thanks to studies showing that studying certain fields often leads one down paths toward careers within those areas during post-graduation life (see: Why You Should Pursue An MA Degree After Getting

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