Best Dropbox Addons For Lawyers And Expert Witnesses?

While Dropbox is a great place to store information, it’s not always the best app for storing or sharing files. In particular, if you have large amounts of data that need to be shared with many different people, then most dropbox users will find the free version of dropbox is just not enough storage space and can seriously limit their ability to share valuable information. This makes Dropbox a poor choice for legal documents that need to be shared across multiple teams or even by an entire firm. Besides these limitations, there are several other reasons why file-sharing apps like DropBox are better suited for some tasks than others:

Dropbox doesn’t allow you to set up group discussions so users can comment on items in your account from anywhere in the world where they have internet access; this has been replaced by Google Drive’s “File Sharing” which while more limited still allows multiple people within your organization (and possibly outside) access to view and edit files at any time through a web interface; yes – we had one client who used DropBox and had 10 lawyers working on his case at once!

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