Best Divorse Lawyers For Men?

I have a custody case pending. I moved out of my home in June with the kids and am asking for full custody. My ex-wife is insisting on joint legal and physical custody, which he has agreed to but not without some stipulations. The court date has been set for November 10th, however she wants me to come back for a pre trial conference on September 25th that would involve us both having an attorney present along with our representatives from the court. She can’t seem to understand why I don’t want her at this meeting as we need information regarding their needs, visitation schedule etc….as well as discussing behavioral issues and general questions regarding Co-parenting…

Can you get child support after divorce?

What does it mean when your parents ask if they may “visit” your children? What happens at these visits so everyone can be happy about them? It feels like my parents just want free stuff! They’re all old people now anyways what do they expect??? I feel like I’m being taken advantage of by both many times should we go over this before something is done or discussed?? How far down the road are they gonna keep pushing?? And how much longer will we be forced into giving them free stuff?!

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