Best Divorce Lawyers For Woman Portland Oregon?

I am a single mother of two children. I have been with my husband for seven years and we have been married for almost five. We were so in love but after the second child was born, things started to change between us and eventually it got worse! My husband does not want a divorce but he wants me to leave him alone. He says that if I do then he will readjust his relationship with his kids or even leave them all together on weekends while he has sex with other women which is what makes up 95% of our fights! HIs way of thinking really hurts me because when I try to reach out about this topic, his response is always “you’re just insecure”!!! Well guess what? People who are insecure fight back (and don’t pretend like they aren’t). How can someone be in such denial about issues like this? Hell hath no fury like an unhappy woman scorned!

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