Best Divorce Lawyers For Fathers In In.?

I am a father who wants to file for divorce from my wife. She has been sober since 2009 and I have not seen her drink in any way since then, but she is always very distant and cold towards me. I miss the love that we had previously when we were married. My question is this: Can a person still be called “The Father” if they do not show up at all? Should it matter how much time goes by without seeing them? Or would it only hurt the child after a certain amount of time passes?

My husband left his girlfriend 3 months ago now he keeps calling her every hour on the phone even though hes been gone from her for nearly 4 months, there relationship was over as far as i know before he went away so why is he doing this?? what can i do about him ?

What are some ways to get back with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend that you want back together again.?

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