Best Divorce Lawyers For Fathers In Florida?

In my opinion, this judge was an idiot. She should have been kicked out of the bench for that alone. I’m not a lawyer, but it’s pretty obvious to me that she didn’t know what she was doing when she decided to throw off women who were trying to end their marriages by invoking Florida’s “no-fault” divorce laws.

Florida is one of only four states — along with California, Oregon and Texas — where you don’t need grounds in order to get a divorce. In no-fault states like Florida and California, you can simply say your husband cheated on you or committed some other irreparable breach of trust without having any real reason why you want out of your marriage. You just have to claim that he did something wrong and then get over it if you actually want a divorce from him — which means getting over his faults enough so there are no remaining issues between the two of them! If they’ve never gotten along before because he yelled at her all the time or refused sex or beat her up regularly or whatever, well now they’re going to coexist peacefully forever after because both parties agreed unilaterally that their problems had been settled! This law helps divorcing couples avoid messy fights about what went wrong in their marriage down the line once everything has calmed down somewhat (like during court proceedings). It also makes it easier for innocent spouses who may be left holding the bag years later when someone finally admits wrongdoing even though nobody told them ahead of time

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