Best Disability Lawyers For Public Housing In Maryland?

I am a single parent of 3, and my youngest is going to be 4 in September. We have been on wait lists for public housing since July 2011. The months that we were able to get into the waiting list before I was pregnant with my third child they would tell us that our house was ready but then when we got there it wasn’t actually ready because the person who rented out their unit had moved out and they needed time to clean up after them so although we were technically assigned a spot in one of the waiting list units, they couldn’t give us keys yet because they weren’t actually done cleaning up after whoever left. After multiple calls from me and an inspection by DHHS (Department Of Health And Human Services) we finally received our keys 8 weeks ago. My kids are now at different schools than where their parents live, which has meant 2 hours of driving each way everyday this past week just to pick them up from school! It’s ridiculous how much extra work this has made for me as a mother with no paid sick days or vacation pay; what I really need is someone good at getting disability benefits approved quickly and accurately who can help me navigate through all these red tape issues I’m facing like:

1.) Is there anything else you think needs to happen besides getting insurance coverage?

2.) If your answer is yes-what should I do next?

3.) Do you have any idea if anyone will help me apply for Medicaid

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