Best Disability Insurance For Lawyers?

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I need to buy disability insurance for lawyers, how much does it cost?

A short-term disability policy can be purchased for as little as $1 per day or you may add up the number of days in each year you will miss work and purchase an extended term plan that pays out 80% of your salary when you’re unable to work. For instance: If your annual income is $50,000 and you’ll miss 30 days in any given year, purchasing the Extended Term plan would pay out $25,000 when your coverage expires. This type of policy is not recommended unless there is no other way around the loss of income due to illness or injury. It might also serve as a buffer against future claims from lawsuits because this type of insurance usually has lower limits than traditional life policies available through professional associations such as The Florida Bar Association . However if finances are tight then we recommend buying from one of our preferred companies that specialize in disability plans specifically designed for lawyers who have been injured on the job…Click here to learn more about what kind of Disability Policy options are available today…

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