Best Digital Voice Recorder For Lawyers?

When it comes to high-quality digital voice recorders, the Lexar Professional Workflow 7.0 USB Voice Recorder is our top pick. The recorder has a special feature that lets you activate two recording modes: continuous and burst. This means that users can choose between continuous recording for long periods of time or pre-set intervals during which the device will automatically record until stopped by pressing the button again or when it reaches its maximum capacity (10 hours). If there’s one thing lawyers should always have on hand, it’s their recorded evidence in case an issue arises after trial, so this little gadget could be worth considering depending on how important your recordings are to you.

The Lexar Professional Workflow 7.0 USB Voice Recorder also includes a built-in speakerphone for making calls while continuing to document another event like depositions or questioning witnesses in court rooms with an audio recorder mounted on your phone or tablet; there aren’t many options out there that offer both features at once! And if you don’t want any sort of headphone attachment ruining your look while using this device (because everyone knows what happens when people see ears through headphones), then make sure you get the professional model because it’s equipped with noise cancellation technology designed specifically for professionals who speak loudly into microphones all day long; plus, they come in five different colors including black, white and gold! All these great features come together in what is arguably one of the most powerful tools

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