Best Digital Marketing Practices For Lawyers?

No matter how hard you try to get a website on the top of Google’s search results, if it doesn’t have quality content that answers searcher questions at the first point of contact, then all those hours spent looking for keywords and targeting ads will go down the drain.

In this article I want to share my experience from having been a full-time SEO consultant since 2008. You can say “I told him so!” – but your friends won’t believe you…

If you don’t know what SEO is… It’s basically using advanced Internet techniques/tools in order to improve organic traffic to your website, as well as increasing conversion rates (i.e., sales). Similar tactics are used by companies such as Facebook Ads or even Twitter Ads . In fact, most people who ask me whether they should hire an SEO company actually have no idea what they’re asking me because they think that simply promoting their brand through social media is enough. That’s like saying: “Should I hire a doctor because he’ll give me medicine?” If you answered yes, great! But there’s more work involved than just giving medicine; there has also got be proper diagnosis and effective treatment . And why do we need this? For one thing: Many new brands jump into digital marketing without knowing much about online marketing basics such as keyword research , backlinking and link building . So when these beginners run out of money after hiring someone with

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