Best Dictation System For Lawyers?

Additionally, would this be something that just lawyers could use? Or would it work for anyone who needs to dictate their thoughts?

This is a great question. Currently, the only Google Assistant-enabled device that can both control your home and take dictation is Google Home Mini. You can also control your Nest Thermostat with voice commands through Home Mini, but you need to have Android phone or tablet nearby in order to issue those commands (in other words: not ideal). And you can’t actually talk to any Chromecast Audio speakers at all because none of them are compatible (beyond the existing Chromecast Audio devices already available on store shelves). That’s why we’re excited about JAWS Mobile+ which brings both capabilities together into one compact system for non-Google users like professionals and students alike. With JAWS Mobile+, people with visual impairments will be able to interact using their smartphone or tablet as they normally do while speaking out loud anything they want — menus, settings screens, emails and text messages — without having a screen in front of them. Furthermore, if someone wants a piece of information from an app–such as directions from a GPS app–they don’t need an Internet connection since everything happens locally on their device instead of online. It’s all done locally right there on the screen! In addition to being able to access apps directly by talking rather than touching or tapping at certain touch points within applications–the “keyboard” function—

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