Best Desktop Toys For Lawyers?

How many times have you heard someone say, “I wish I had more money to spend on toys”? With the amount of time lawyers spend in front of their computers, it seems that this is a legitimate complaint. However, there are some toys that can help alleviate your boredom while performing legal research or writing memoranda. Items such as flash drives and foldable laptop stands are very useful for busy attorneys who find themselves away from their desk for extended periods of time.

Flash drives are great because they let you store large amounts of information without having to lug around an extra computer or laptop all day long. Flashdrives come in various sizes so there will always be one with enough storage capacity for whatever information you need to transport. The size will depend upon how much data you want it to hold but most offer at least 64GB worth of space which should satisfy even the largest files (e-discovery requires terabytes). If your court filer has multiple devices then snap him up one with a secure lock feature; this is especially helpful if he usually leaves his laptop lying open on his desk when not in use (which he does) like most attorneys do! There also numerous types available including USB keys and portable hard drives designed specifically for law firms which make them easy to carry around when traveling between offices or conference rooms .

Foldable Laptop Stands

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