Best Desktop Scanner For Lawyers?

If you are in the business of scanning paper documents like contracts, agreements, etc. for legal purposes, then this is a must-buy product.

The initial setup was simple and straightforward. I did not have to install any drivers or software on my PC because it has an integrated WIA driver that works flawlessly with Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems. The scanner can be used without touching your PC at all! Another great feature is that the device also comes with a USB cable so you can use other equipment such as other printers to print out scanned pages from the document scanner directly without connecting via USB cable first. You can even connect multiple computers to your single printer through one wireless network connection thanks to its high speed 80211b LAN port built-in! There are two different scanning modes: Document mode (default setting) where you take pictures of each page while using automatic focus detection capability; and Photo mode which lets you scan various types of documents including photos effectively by simply sliding the switch on top of the device up or down depending on what type of documents need scanning! And don’t forget about file formats supported… Canon PIXMA MG3620 supports JPEG images only but doesn’t support PDF files natively though Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 plug-in will let users view & edit PDF files automatically when they are attached into Scanner Mode 3 settings if installed separately however it does not work well with Macs only Windows PCs would do just fine

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