Best Desktop Medical App For Lawyers?

I downloaded a few apps, started playing around with them and I was pleasantly surprised. Most apps seem to be geared towards physicians or medical practice management software for doctors. There are some good general healthcare apps out there but nothing that really fits my needs nor is very user friendly from what I could tell. The best one that I found was called RightDocs by RightFax which has the ability to create a secure login page so your patients can access their records via an encrypted connection. It also has a form builder where you can create all of your patient’s forms in one place and customize it how you want it to look online/offline depending on who is accessing it whether it be yourself or someone else at your office (you have options for admin only access if you’re not sure). It does have basic PDF creation abilities as well but they don’t offer any search capabilities so finding information about specific issues isn’t possible unless the app allows searching through its notes feature which doesn’t appear intuitively made or easy enough to use when making entries in real time like in meetings etc.. You can email documents but again this would require extra steps and manual entry each time, i’ll admit right off the bat though these aren’t deal breakers because they still make sense in certain situations such as when sending sensitive information directly from the app onto another device such as a tablet or phone without having to print out hard copies first then emailing back into the app (one thing that wasn’t clear at first

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