Best Desktop For Lawyers 2018?

In the desktop world, AMD has been making some serious gains over Intel in recent years. The first Ryzen processors hit shelves a couple of months ago and they have already become a lot more competitive with their main rivals on CPU performance.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the price point. In order to be able to compete with Intel at all on CPU performance you will need an extremely powerful GPU – which costs a fair bit of money! That leaves us with two options: build your own machine or spend thousands for a pre-built system from one of the big brands such as Dell, Alienware or HP Spectre Pro 14 Review | TechRadar UK –

So how do we choose? Well if you can afford it then going for an established brand is probably best – but what about those who don’t have thousands spare just laying around? We have put together this list of great desktop PCs under £1,000 (around $1,300) so there should be something here for everyone!

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