Best Desktop Computers For Lawyers?

I have a friend who says he has the best desktop computers for lawyers, but I’m not sure what that means. He sells computer equipment and I think he really knows his stuff!

A: You might prefer to work on your own machine rather than buying one from him. But if you need help installing software or connecting to the Internet, go ahead and buy one of his machines. It will probably be cheaper than buying your own at some point.

Q: Are there any good websites or books about home computing?

A: The following sites may provide information you can use with computers in general and legal-specific topics:

http://www2.igcsewebtoolkit4u/ (The University of Ulster) (Darmstadt University of Technology) (University of Minnesota Duluth)

Q: Do most law schools require their students to take a course in IT? If so, how useful is it? Any tips on getting into this class? Can we do it online at our school as well as online through an institution like Coursera or edX? Is it worth doing even just for passing marks because once we are admitted to practice law many state bar exams still ask for this subject matter

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