Best Denver Divorce Lawyers For Men?

I have been to a few lawyers and none of them satisfied me as much as Ms. DeLeon did. She was very informative, listened to what I wanted and didn’t want, and she really helped me understand the process better than any other lawyer I’ve ever seen. It feels like we’re still working on this case but it’s getting handled in such an efficient way that it doesn’t seem like there is much more work left for her or us! If you want someone who will help you through this process with ease…call Ms.De Leon!! – .H

Thank you for your time and attention to our family matter regarding my son’s juvenile case (he has since turned 21). We appreciate all your efforts on his behalf.. – .S

My husband & i were referred by one of my coworkers after having horrible experience at another law firm earlier this year following a divorce where we received little help from the attorneys we worked with during mediation/court proceedings; therefore, we decided not to waste anymore money hiring local attorneys until Mr deleon came into our lives….we had previously interviewed several other divorce lawyers who gave us bad news about how long their cases would take before they could even begin helping us out; however, when Mr deleon sat down with us he started off by telling us how he could be able to get results within 30-45 days which seemed impossible because i’m sure many other legal professionals can make those same claims but most times they never follow

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