Best Degrees For Lawyers?

After all, the study found that there were no noticeable differences in lawyers’ salaries across different subject areas. And if you have a law degree from one of the best schools at your disposal, chances are you’ll land an excellent position without much effort. But what about lower-ranked programs? For example, should I get my bachelor’s at UGA or Georgia State University instead of Emory Law School? Your answer will depend on which school offers the program that fits your needs better.

To answer this question definitively would require examining market trends for each subject area to see how quickly salaries rise over time. It also would involve taking into account other factors such as geographic location and personal fit with employers outside of legal careers (i.e., job satisfaction). The fact is that hiring managers make decisions based on many factors besides academic credentials when considering applicants for jobs—everything from personality traits to work experience to extracurricular activities can make up a significant portion of their decision-making process even if they don’t say so explicitly in their interviews. However, we do know some things about salary expectations in these professions based on past research:

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