Best Defense Lawyers For Veterans Massachussetts?

Defenselessness of the health care system create a demand for alcohol and nicotine. The causes of addiction to these substances are complex, but some factors may play a role in the development of substance abuse: Genetics: Alcoholism runs in families and can be passed down from generation to generation. According to some studies, genetics plays an important role in the predisposition toward alcoholism[3]. In addition, individuals with different inherited genes might have different responses or reactions when exposed to similar environmental stressors such as traumatic event(s) that lead them into problem drinking[4]. A study conducted by Dr. Lisa Mosconi at Yale University found that 85 percent of identical twins had slightly different DNA sequences compared with each other.[5] Even if one twin used drugs or got addicted to alcohol, their DNA still contained instructions for how much dopamine was released when they consumed certain substances which could affect their behavior differently.[6] Learning & Behavioral Traits: Certain people learn easily from others and tend not to question what they see is right[7], while others struggle throughout life because they find it difficult [8][9]. Some people will put themselves through more hardship than necessary just so that they can prove how tough they can be[10]; this kind of person is drawn toward trying drugs simply because it is something new he/she has never experienced before. Personality traits associated with being drawn towards drug use include sensation-seeking behavior (i.e., doing things outside your comfort zone), thrill seeking behavior

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