Best Defense Lawyers For Csc With A Minor 1St Degree?

Q: In a case that I’m on as an assistant prosecutor, the defendant is being charged with 2nd degree murder for shooting and killing his girlfriend. He’s been in jail since Oct. of last year, has been appointed a public defender by the court who is unable to use his own funds because he has none at all right now, so they have asked me if I will represent him pro bono until he can get some money together. Of course, I am happy to do this! The state’s evidence against him is overwhelming–they have ample eyewitness testimony from employees at their jobs about what happened during the time period of when she was shot and there were surveillance video recordings from outside her apartment building showing him climbing up onto her balcony through a window before shooting into her room through another window while she had no doors or windows closed between them (no one else would be able to climb up onto the balcony). They also found two guns used in this crime which had fingerprints on them belonging to both himself and his girlfriend confirming that they were involved in this crime together. There was even a witness who saw them walking down the street holding hands earlier that day too! But my question is…what would be considered good enough “evidence” for 1st degree murder? Will it still stand after my client gets out of jail? Or should we just wait untill he finds some money? What roles can law school studies play as far as helping us better understand how jurors think and how we

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