Best Debate Event For Aspiring Lawyers?

I am biased. I am the debate coach at the University of Wyoming, and this year we will be hosting one of the country’s top policy debaters, David Davis. He has won two national championships in high school debating, is on the Harvard Law Review, and is on track to get into law school after college graduation next year! If he wins anything here at WyoLabs , it would make me very happy! But I think that our judges are looking for a fairly serious level of debate skill from all competitors, not just people who hope to go to law school someday.

This sounds like your team had fun doing their research for this challenge? What did they learn about democracy? Do you have some good tips for other teams considering similar projects?

Our team actually researched pretty hard before deciding which topic to tackle. We split up our research time between reading books (both old favorites and new reads), checking out political websites (like VoteSmart), watching videos online by experts discussing various topics in politics or governance, talking with friends about what they thought was important in government — all kinds of stuff! And then we each wrote an essay outlining what we felt were important issues facing American government today. Our task was not just writing down lots of facts; instead it required us to think critically about these issues and determine how much weight should be given them when making decisions related to politics or governing America . As far as resources go: there are tons of resources available online with

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