Best Crimal Lawyers That Fight Murder Cases For Black Men In Florida?

My husband was murdered in front of my seven year old son. I am the mother of his child and now he is gone. His murderer walks free because there were no witnesses or evidence that can stand up to a judge so they gave him house arrest which means nothing if you are arrested for murder since no one will be at your trial. He killed my husband because he had an affair with her, not once but twice! And she told the cops everything just like she would have to anyone else that wanted money. The police then charged me with two counts of accessory after the fact since I knew about it and did nothing about it until I saw what happened,after all she promised me $10,000 by tomorrow morning to keep quiet!!! This PD officer said this type of thing happens all too often around here (he lives down the street) . Any ideas on who could help me? We do not live far from Orlando , FL where this tragedy took place but we find ourselves back there every week dealing with things only his family knows about; how much money someone needs us to pay them each month before they tell us what happened??? We don’t know anything else other than that our baby’s daddy has been murdered and we want justice!! Please someone help us under Gods mercy!! Poor little boy lost both parents in a very short time period. Want Justice?

He Was Murdered By Police Infront Of His Three Year Old Little Brother! They Killed Him With A Shot To The

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