Best Country For Lawyers?

” asked those in the legal community to name their favorite country for lawyers and here’s what they had to say:

1. United States (28%) U.S., we love you! The USA is easily our most popular choice among outside professionals, with 28% of respondents choosing it as the best country for lawyers — and that was up from 25% this year last year and 23% last year. It didn’t hurt that Seattle found itself on top of the list again, taking the No 2 spot yet again behind Chicago at No 1 this time around at 14%. But even without a big city vying for first place, people still chose America as their preferred destination by a wide margin ahead of Canada (13%), Australia (12%), England (5%) and New Zealand (4%). Those surveyed also said they would choose America over Germany – which took 3rd – if they were looking for a new home away from home: 59%, compared to just 34%. More than six out of 10 said they wouldn’t move back there either after living abroad or after practicing abroad: 65%, compared with 31%.

2. England/United Kingdom (21%) With only one other country putting forward more names than England/United Kingdom, its popularity must be helping them hold onto their position as second-best overall nation worldwide when it comes to attracting lawyers overseas? Or do English speakers have an affinity towards London? Quite possibly both are true given how many European

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