Best Countries For Lawyers To Relocate?

The US remains the most popular destination for lawyers wishing to relocate, but the UK and Australia are also destinations of choice. The top three countries ranked in each category were:

Top 10 countries for relocating lawyers (latest available data) Rank Country Average income per lawyer Median gross annual salary 1 United States $1,037,000 50 2 United Kingdom £156,000 44 3 Australia AU$150,000 43 4 Canada C$160,000 42 5 New Zealand NZ$180,000 41 6 Netherlands €130k 40 7 Switzerland CHF125k 39 8 Hong Kong HKD165k 38 9 Ireland €80k 36 10 France €50k 35

What do you think? What factors should be used to determine which country is best for a lawyer looking to work overseas? Are there other criteria that we have missed out here?

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